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98% of all e-commerce miss their target. 
Let's change that. 

With the power of todays analytics, we can target our audience in a way that never has been possible within communication before. Regardless of the message we are to send out, we can now target and adapt towards that specific group of audiences with the help of web analytics and retargeting.

I am a visual communication specialist nourishing a love for combining the power of todays digital analysis with strong visual concepts that can translate to any reader or target audience.  

With a background in visual communication and web development and a new focus on web analysis, I am your safe and reliable choice for taking your business to a new and updated level. Let me help you see customer patterns, measure campaigns, and most importantly - increase efficiency on multiple levels. 

Viktor Kvant

Web Analyst

Why digital analytics, what good does it do?

If we can combine the power of todays analytical tools with an adapted way of communicating,
we gain not only insights that can communicate with our target audiences,
but also a way to reach our own organizations as a whole. 

A new era of communication is  here, based on facts.
Not guesswork.



Which online channels are generating the highest quality leads?



Does my team have the necessary resources to gain customer insights?



Trace online behaviour, adapt your efforts and increase efficiency. 



Improved productivity
Reach new markets
Reduce costs .

The Art of Visualizing_
"The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see."

John Tukey



I am currently studying web analytics at Medieinstitutet to get the most relevant skills in digital analytics.
I am currently on the lookout for a great place to do my internships. Do we share the same views
or could complement eachother, please get back to me! I Hope to meet you and your colleagues on the way.



Web analytics, data-driven marketing, CRO and digital strategy @Medieinstitutet



Practising the theory, meeting new people in the industry and sharing experiences.


See you!

All updated in december 2020 for new great results in the digital landscape. 

  • Web analytics - purchase processes, communication goals, digital strategy, traffic analysis, attribution, significance testing, etc.
  • Tracking technology - tracking code, javascript, tracking, tag management tools like Google Tag Manager and Adobe Tag Management, etc.
  • Conversion - conversion optimization, A / B testing and multivariate testing, test tools such as Optimizely, etc.
  • Measurement numbers and measurement points - analysis of large amounts of data, develop relevant KPI (Key Performance Indicator), concepts and functions
  • Analytics / tracking system - Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics (SiteCatalyst) etc.
  • Digital marketing - SEM & SEO, display, retargeting, content marketing, digital advertising, price comparison, etc.

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Ready for assignments and cooperation

Phone: +46 (0) 709 47 67 14
Email: viktor.kvant[at] - web analytics & visualization