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Illustration - Retouch - Graphic Design

Welcome to this site which functions as a portfolio as well
as a base for contact. I can help you and your company with all
your visualization needs, ranging from book and magazine
illustrations to high-end retouch and final graphic design
for all kinds of media. 


Visuals with content

I believe that the strongest way of communicating; reaching past language barriers and age differences, is through a strong visual concept.

Over 400 Amazing Blocks

Images is what people first look for, and if your visual language is falling short, your product, or message, will do to. I would love to take your project to a new visual height, regardless of which channel or media that is to be used. I specialize in illustrations and graphic design which catches both the vision you have of your work, but also the final customers eye. With over 12 years of experience from both print and digital media, I am your safe and reliable choice. 

I live in Malmö, Sweden and are available for your projects both as freelance or for full time.
If you have the time, also please stop by my other art project, called Dreamhours.
Thank you for stopping by, and let's keep in touch!


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Illustration  -  Retouch  -  Graphic Design



I make cover art for the all kinds of media and can help you portray the essence of your work in one striking image. 



I have worked with image processing and retouch for some of the most well known brands in the publishing industry. I would love to work on your projects as well. 


Graphic Design

I can take your product all the way to print with a finalized layout, having 12+ years in the industry from some of the major publishing houses in Sweden.


A small selection of work
from various publications and clients

Past work and clients

Some of my past work and clients 
from retouch and image processing


Norstedts förlag

I have made illustrations for Norstedts Förlag since 2011. Trädets Tid was a book that was nominated for the August Price in 2011, and the illustrations I made there were mentioned by the Swedish Publishers’ Association as “Magically beautiful images”.

Aller Media

Fria Ligan

Fria Ligan is one of the most exciting new publishing houses I have worked with, bringing their readers high quality releases from well known names within the Science Fiction and the fantastic fiction genres, as well as roleplaying games. I made the cover for the swedish version of Jeff VanderMeers "Annihilation (Avgrund)"

Dunkers Kulturhus

Dunkers Kulturhus

I made front cover illustrations for Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg covering the program for a whole year. This included photography on site and photoshop work in close correspondence with the Art Director at Dunkers, as well as post cards and other merchandice.

Elle Decoration

Elle Decoration

I worked with image editing and retouch of interior design photos for Elle Decoration through the production team at Aller Media.

Elle Travel

Habit Sko&Mode

Habit Sko&Mode is one of swedens largest magazines covering the fashion industry. I worked for several years with producing adverts, processing images and color management, as well as customer contact and sending everything to print.  

Hänt i Veckan

Aller Media

I have worked with image processing, layout and retouch on most titles under the Aller Media roof, communicating a strong visual language to a specific target audience ranging from interior design, celebrety photos, food and health/lifestyle.

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Nominee, August Prize 2011
“Magically beautiful images”
-Swedish Publishers’ Association


Phone: +46 (0) 709 47 67 14